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NOP Issues Extension of Allowance of Paper Pots

Nop Issues Extension Of Allowance Of Paper Pots In Organic Production

On Monday, November 5, MCS and all NOP-accredited certifiers were informed that the NOP has extended the use and allowance period for paper pots, originally scheduled for prohibition at the end of the growing season. The following  is a portion of the announcement regarding the change.

The NOP is extending the allowed use of paper pots until further notice.  Any additional changes to the allowance for the use of paper pots will be communicated to certifiers to provide adequate time to make any adjustments. For fairness and consistency in certifications across operations, all certifiers may allow  paper pots during this extension period.

Paper pots have been formally petitioned to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) via the National Organic Program as an allowed material in crop production. In addition to presenting a discussion document on the petitioned material, the NOSB passed a resolution at its Fall 2018 public meeting recommending that the NOP allow the continued use of paper pot usage while this review and potential  NOP rule making proceed.  Paper pots are similar to the current National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances (National List) listing of newspaper or other recycled paper, which are in use in many soil-based systems. We agree that the NOSB’s resolution allows the program to extend the allowance for paper pots, while maintaining fidelity to the existing USDA organic regulations.