Why Become Certified Organic?

The organic agriculture sector is growing fast. MOFGA Certification Services (MCS) certifies more than 500 farms and processors and that number continues to expand.

Some of the many benefits of being certified organic:

  • The organic seal shows customers that producers have complied with the USDA organic regulations and have been verified by a third party. Consumers are more aware of the benefits of organic products.
  • Access to fast growing local, regional and international markets.
  • Supporting local economies.
  • Demonstrating transparency to your customers.
  • Access to additional funding and technical assistance. Certified organic producers receive a 75% cost share reimbursement for their certification fees.
  • Better prices for your products.
  • Research shows that organic farming practices help improve water quality on farms, conserve energy and increase biodiversity.
  • The record keeping required for certification can help you become a better farmer.
  • Every additional certified organic farm helps MOFGA in their advocacy efforts at the legislative level. The higher the number of certified organic farms in Maine, the more impact MOFGA will have.
  • Certified organic farmers go the extra step to ensure consumers of their organic integrity!

Here is what some of our growers say about why they choose to become certified organic:

“We feel that our customers benefit from a third party certification and on-farm inspection. By being a Certified Farm, our small farm becomes a measurable piece of the larger organic farming movement”.

“To be a visible part of the community of organic growers, to let my first time customers feel confidant that I really am organic, and to help promote organic agriculture generally”.

“Why certify?  Words have value. In an increasingly diverse market place, I can no longer rely on personal reputation alone to help customers determine how our products were raised. The MOFGA logo and organic certification adds an additional voice to our food.”

“We are certified because it provides our customers with a baseline consumer protections, helping them to know that we use certain farming practices. ‘Certified organic’ from a trusted third party is the only way customers can be assured that we’re walking the walk, not just talking the talk.”

“We are certified organic because we believe in transparency for our farm and for consumers. By becoming certified organic we are committed to raising our livestock using feed that is free of GMOs, to ensuring our livestock are humanely raised and improving soil quality to guarantee the sustainability of our farm. Our commitment to certification not only helps us become better farmers, it helps to support the organic farming community at large.”

“We believe that organic production is beneficial to our animals, our environment, and our customers. Organic certification enables us to better educate the public on key issues of food security and sustainability” .

“I am certified organic because I care about a set of standards in the marketplace that assures what is bought is indeed organic. I also believe the organic certification goes hand and hand in ensuring the soils from which the crops are grown and therefore the crops produced are organic. I worry about pesticides, spraying”

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