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Certifying Maple Syrup

With the start of the new year it’s time to review applications for organic maple syrup certification.  We ask that producers submit their paperwork no later than 15 February 2020 to ensure that we can inspect sap collection and syrup production before the season ends.

Maple Syrup Guidelines. (S’il vous plait, voir la version francaise ici.) Includes information about forest health, tree tapping diameter, pump stations, sap and syrup storage, processing aids and more…and can be found in our Practice Manual.  This is an 85-page PDF to read online or to download.  If you prefer, you can receive a paper copy in the mail, plus any forms you may need.  Call 568-6030 to order.

Please print and complete:

  1. Producer Information
  2. Maple Organic System Plan
  3. Material List
  4. Field History Form
  5. On-Farm Processing Supplement (If you are making value added products)
  6. Landowner Affidavit (needed if sugarbush land is leased or rented)
  7. Organic Producers Endorsement
  8. Applicant Fees Form
  9. Explanation of Cost Share Programs

If you are making value added products with your maple syrup (e.g., candies, maple sugar, condiments) and you want to label these as Organic, you may need to submit additional paperwork.  Please read our Processor/Handler section.

Mail your application and fee payment to MOFGA Certification Services, POB 170, Unity, ME 04988.

If you have questions about certifying maple syrup, please call Joan Cheetham at (207) 568-6034 or email her at jcheetham@mofga.org. She will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing MOFGA Certification Services.