MOFGA Approved Compost

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MOFGA Certification Services offers a review and approval program for commercial composters to verify that their compost products meet the production and management standards required for certified organic farms as defined by the USDA-NOP rule. Once approved, compost producers are permitted to advertise their products as approved for use on certified organic farms.

Compost approval does not constitute an endorsement of products.

The deadline for new applications is September 30, 2024.

Terms of Approval

The application fee for a 2 year approval is $300.  Requests for renewal of approval must be submitted prior to the end of the 2 year period. MCS may request lab analyses for fecal coliform and salmonella for compost that contains animal product and/or food collection feedstocks. All composts will be required to have at least a Basic Compost analysis (bulk density, pH, nutrients, etc).  Lab analysis fees are the responsibility of the producer.  For additional information regarding testing, please contact Julie Trudel

Steps to Becoming an Approved Composter

  1. Read the Guidance Document to understand the requirements for approved compost production.
  2. Submit your application and payment. Complete this form if you are using manure as a feedstock. Complete a verification form for each source of manure.
  3. An inspector will contact you to set up a facility inspection.
  4. Your inspection report will be reviewed by MCS staff, and an approval decision will be made.
  5. If approved, you will be asked to re-submit documentation every two years to keep your approval status current.

Contact Info

Contact Julie Trudel with any questions.