Certifying Sea Vegetables

The 2024 deadline for cultivated sea vegetable operations is February 15, 2024. Wild harvested sea vegetable productions are accepted year-round. All production area(s) must be inspected prior to harvest.

Sea Vegetable Guidelines.  For definitions of terms and an explanation of our standards for certifying both wild collected and farmed sea vegetables please consult the Sea Vegetable Guidelines.

Below are the necessary forms for certifying sea vegetable operations, both cultivated and wild harvested. Download to print them, or contact our office if you would like to apply online:

  1. Producer Information
  2. Sea Vegetable Supplement  Use this form to describe culturing methods, harvest methods, natural resource conservation, and post harvest handling.
  3. Conventional Propagule Verification Form  Only producers who are culturing sea vegetables need this form.  Wild crafters do not.
  4. Sea Vegetable Affirmation Form This form must be signed by all Wildcraft Producers. 
  5. Material List
  6. Sea Vegetable Harvest Growing Area Form Use this form to identify all areas where collection or harvest of sea vegetables will take place. This guidance document can help in filling out this form.
  7. Organic Producer Endorsement
  8. Fee Schedule
  9. Explanation of Cost Share Programs
Please email a PDF of your application to: certification@mofga.org or you may mail your paper application to: MOFGA Certification, PO Box 170, Unity, ME 04988. Fees and a completed fee sheet must accompany your application. 

Fees can be mailed in (checks payable to MOFGA Certification) or you can pay through our secure online portal.

Some producers may need to submit forms for certifying their processing and handling of harvested sea vegetables. For instance, if you are drying, blending and packaging sea vegetables for sale, you are considered a processor and we will need to approve your organic handling plan and your labels. If you have questions, please contact John Welton (jwelton@mofga.org or 207-568-6032).

Forms for processing and handling can be found HERE.

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