Organic Logos and Label Requirements

The MOFGA Certified Organic logo is for the exclusive use of MOFGA Certified Organic producers. Although its size can be changed, other modifications are not permitted. Learn more about the use of the MCS logo in our FAQs list below. Please read through this page carefully. You will find links to download the new MCS logo as well as the USDA seal below.


Web and Screens – transparent background (RBG / PNG) (click to open, then right-click and choose Save Image As to download to your desktop or device):

MOFGA Organic Cert 04 RGBweb 1 MOFGA Organic Cert BW RGBweb

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White with Transparent Background – PNG, 300 resolution

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MOFGA Cert Logo White Placeholder



USDA 4colorsealJPG
Certified producers who market products with either the 100% Organic or Organic label may use the USDA Organic Seal.  Please make sure you submit a draft of your label with the USDA logo to MCS prior to printing, so we can confirm that it meets the specifications defined by USDA NOP.  Download the USDA organic seals here.

FAQs for Labels

How long do I have to transition my labels from displaying the old MCS logo to the new one?
The new MCS certified organic logo must be in use for all MCS certified organic products by January XX, 2021.  If you have question or concerns about your operation’s ability to meet this deadline, please be in touch with our office.

Can I use the MCS “Non-GMO” label?
If you are certified by MCS, you can use the “Non-GMO” labels. If used on the same panel with the USDA seal, the USDA seal must appear more prominent.

What are the basics for labeling my certified organic products?
The way you label your certified organic products depends on the amount of organic ingredients in them. Most crops and single-ingredient products can be labeled “Organic” and use the MCS and/or USDA seal.  If you are making a multi-ingredient product with some non-organic ingredients, you may be allowed to label your product as “Made with Organic (specified ingredients).”

All certified organic products must state “Certified organic by MOFGA Certification Services” on the information panel, below your company information.

Both the USDA seal and/or the MCS seal may be used for “100 Percent” and “Organic” labels. The use of any organic claim or labeling is entirely optional.

Note: MOFGA Certification Services only reviews labels for compliance with organic labeling standards defined in USDA-NOP 7 CFR part 205. The use of certain ingredients or certain marketing claims, such as health or origin, may be subject to other Federal or State regulations. It is the responsibility of the certified operation to apply all applicable laws and regulations in the formulation and labeling of products.

Use of the MCS logo
The MCS logo can be used on any product certified organic by MCS.

Do I need to send copies of my labels to MCS?
Yes, all new or revised labels must be sent to MCS for review and approval prior to use, including label redesigns, address changes, labels for new package sizes, recipe alterations etc.

All labels must be included in your Organic System Plan.  For details about labels requirements, visit our Organic Logos and Label Requirements page [hyperlink] or contact our office for assistance with labeling rules.

I buy product from a local producer who is exempt from certification (generates less than $5000 in sales).
Can these ingredients be labeled as or included in certified organic products?

If you buy product from a small-scale organic producer who is exempt from certification, this product may be identified as ‘organic’ but it may not be identified as a certified organic product or be included in certified organic processed products. Organic products bought from exempt producers may not display the seal, logo, or other identifying mark of a certifying agent nor the USDA organic logo.

What must be on my organic label?
1. Each organic ingredient must be listed as “Organic” on the ingredient statement of products labeled as “Organic,” or “Made with Organic (specified ingredients).”

2. The statement “Certified by MOFGA Certification Services” or similar phrase must be listed on the information panel beneath the name of the certified operation.

Please note:  MCS cannot determine if your labels meet FDA labeling requirements. Contact your local FDA office for information regarding FDA labels and standards.