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Farmer Scholarships Available for Seattle NOSB Meeting

The National Organic Coalition is offering a limited number of scholarships to farmers wishing to attend the NOC Pre-NOSB meeting (April 23, 2019) & NOSB meeting (April 24 – 26, 2019) in Seattle, WA. The following important topics will be discussed during the NOC and NOSB meetings: DC organic policy updates, oversight and enforcement for imports and dairy sector, Origin of Livestock, strengthening the use of organic seed, transparency about GE contamination levels in field corn seed, sanitizer use in organic, paper pots, biodegradable mulch film, methionine, vaccines used in organic livestock production, marine materials, excluded methods/prohibitions for genetic engineering in organic, research priorities, and others.

Interested farmers should fill out this online application:


Applications are due Wednesday, April 17.

  • Scholarship amounts will vary depending on how many applicants we have, and what their specific needs are.  We ask that scholarship recipients attend the NOC Pre-NOSB meeting on Tuesday, April 23 if possible.
  • We encourage farmers to make oral comments to the NOSB (you will need to add your name to the waiting list by emailing Michelle.Arsenault@ams.usda.gov). NOC can provide more information about this opportunity.

Farmers who receive a scholarship will be reimbursed for expenses soon after the meeting and will be asked to save and submit receipts. Please direct any questions about the scholarship application process to: abby@nationalorganiccoalition.org