Processor / Handler Certification

Processor/Handler Certification: processing is any modification of a raw agricultural product. Handling is to sell, process or package agricultural products. The NOP standard requires processors and handlers of organic products to be certified with exemptions for final retailers and distributors. CLICK to download and print the PDF documents below.

You will want to read:
Processing Guidance Document
New!  A quick helpful guide to Organic Slaughterhouse Certification

You must complete:
Organic Handling Plan
Materials List
Organic Producer Endorsement – Processors
Applicant Fees Form

Depending on what you are certifying, you may also need:
Single Ingredient Product Profile
Multi Ingredient Product Profile
Verification of Ingredient Status
Verification that Ingredient Meets National List Annotation
Verification of Certified Organic Ingredient Retail Purchase
Slaughterhouse Supplement Form