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Access Organic Valley’s Organic Is Always Non-GMO Label

CROPP (Organic Valley) has opened their “Organic is Always Non-GMO” label to MOFGA Certified producers of all scopes. This label has been utilized in the marketplace for a while and already merits consumer recognition. CROPP has now laid out a process by which MCS certified businesses can request, on a case-by-case basis, a license to use the label. Additionally, they decided not to require PLU numbers to access the label, so it is available to all producers regardless of scale.

The process is simple:
1) The MCS certified producer must contact Lindsey Cox at Lindsey.Cox@organicvalley.coop to let her know they would like to use the label.
2) They will work out an (relatively simple!) individual license agreement with Lindsey.
3) The producer then needs to run their new packaging by MCS for approval.
4) The producer can now use the label.

Contact Heather Omand at homand@mofga.org for more information.